20th IBFRA Conference in Helsinki: shaping a resilient and sustainable forest management

16 August 2023

The 20th International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) Conference is set to take place on 28-31 August 2023 in Helsinki. The bi-annual conference will bring together a diverse array of participants including researchers, companies, policymakers, and civil society members. Their collective focus will be on charting a ‘Climate Resilient and Sustainable Forest Management’ for boreal forests, the world's second-largest terrestrial biome.

Many boreal ecosystems are undergoing shifts, posing challenges to those who rely on them for cultural practices, livelihoods, economic development, and climate stability. The conference aims to address these changes and their implications by focusing on climate resilient and sustainable forest management, as well as on sub-themes such as understanding linkages between ecosystem processes and management, data for knowledge creation, gameful forest interaction, decision support tools and solutions for sustainable forestry, and the science-policy interface.

Several ForestPaths members will attend the IBFRA conference, taking the opportunity to showcase their latest project results and ongoing initiatives. These include discussions on topics such as ‘Barriers and enablers for climate and biodiversity-smart forest management in Europe’ and ‘Co-designing Holistic Forest-based Policy Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation’. A comprehensive compilation of abstracts is available on the conference website.

Mark your calendars and register by 27 August 2023 to follow the conference.