The 20th IBFRA Conference showcased ForestPaths’ contributions to climate-resilient and sustainable forest management

19 September 2023

The 20th International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) Conference, held from 28 to 31 August 2023, in Helsinki, brought together a diverse array of experts, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss the critical theme of ‘Climate Resilient and Sustainable Forest Management’ for boreal forests. Among the participants, ForestPaths was represented by several partners who made contributions through both oral and poster presentations.

Barriers and Enablers for Climate and Biodiversity-Smart (CBS) forest management

Diana Feliciano from Teesside University – leading ForestPaths’ work package 1 – delivered a presentation entitled ‘Barriers and Enablers for Climate and Biodiversity-Smart (CBS) forest management’. Her 15-minute talk delved into the core objectives of the ForestPaths project, disclosing the CBS concept utilised within it. Diana also elaborated on the project's methodological approach to identify CBS forest management practices, investigate the current implementation on the ground and find the factors enabling and constraining the implementation. During the presentation, preliminary findings from the analysis of published literature and insights gained from interviews conducted in various European countries were shared. The question-and-answer session provided a platform for further in-depth discussions, addressing queries such as the relevance of a novel concept like CBS and how contextual factors influence its definition.

Co-designing Holistic Forest-based Policy Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation

Mikko Peltoniemi from the Natural Resources Institute Finland – leading ForestPaths’ work package 5 – presented a visually engaging poster on the topic of ‘Co-designing Holistic Forest-based Policy Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation’. 

ForestPaths' poster presented at IBFRA 2023

The poster presentation showcased the project's context and the challenges it presents, offering insights into ForestPaths' approach to addressing these challenges and its anticipated results. You can consult the poster here.