The balance between sustainably managed forests and the demand for sustainable wood for timber construction

14 June 2023

Sustainable wooden building systems are increasingly considered to achieve climate neutrality targets. But what about the feasibility, environmental impact and, in particular, the availability of European wood? Moreover, climate change, including droughts and natural disturbances such as storms, wildfires and insect outbreaks, is putting growing pressure on Europe's forests and their biodiversity.

During the Boom(ing) Business event on 8 June, Hans Verkerk spoke about the challenges to forest management in Europe and the need for Climate-Smart Forestry, as well as ForestPaths’ role in this landscape. Taking place in Amsterdam, the event was organised in connection to the publication of the booklet 'Timber Myths Dispelled' prepared by Pablo van der Lugt and Joke Dufourmont. The booklet contains information about the feasibility, construction quality, environmental impact and circularity and the availability of wood from European forests.

You can watch a recording of Hans’ participation and the entire event in Dutch here.