EFIMED's latest newsletter shines a light on ForestPaths' models note

4 October 2023

The European Forest Institute's Mediterranean Facility (EFIMED) focuses on improving the resilience of ecosystems and communities by promoting and creating sustainable value from Mediterranean forested landscapes. Through the EFIMED Network, which connects forest researchers, policymakers, and practitioners across the region, and through its numerous projects, EFIMED works to bridge the gap between forest-related science, policy, and implementation, for better understanding and better management of Mediterranean forests.

The latest EFIMED newsletter was issued in September 2023 featuring relevant stories like the proposal that came out of the 8th IWFC - International Wildland Fire Conference, the latest updates on their upcoming Young Leadership Programme, Mediterranean 2023 and more. Among the featured stories, was ForestPaths Features #2 which explores the project's next generation assessment framework, available here.

Read the full EFIMED newsletter here.