EGU23: ForestPaths presents the development of next generation forest disturbance maps

9 May 2023

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) 2023 General Assembly took place at the end of April in Vienna, gathering more than 15,000 attendees interested in Earth, planetary and space science research in Europe. Among them, were ForestPaths partners from the Technical University of Munich who had the chance to present their work on ForestPaths’ current prototype forest disturbance maps, catching a great interest from the audience.

Enriching discussions and new ideas emerged throughout the week, not only from the specific disturbance ecology and remote sensing community but also from attendees interested in using the disturbance maps for research in climate modelling, soil science, etc. ForestPaths members returned with a great impression of the potential of this next generation of European forest disturbance maps that will provide valuable information to advance the monitoring of forest disturbances under climate change.

Read the abstract on the Next generation of European forest disturbance maps based on the Landsat archive here

Find out more about ForestPaths’ Next generation European forest disturbance map which will be available in August 2023 here.