ForestPaths' policy brief featured in OptFor-EU’s September newsletter

2 October 2023

OptFor-EU is a 4-year Horizon Europe project which aims to support EU forests in their capacity to mitigate and adapt to climate change. As part of the project, 16 partners from 9 countries work together on management practices, ecosystem service provision and CO2 sink provided by forests, enhancing forest resilience and its capacities to mitigate climate change.

In its latest newsletter, OptFor-EU offers a window into the latest developments within the project, provides updates on upcoming events, and features exclusive interviews with experts in the field. As part of its commitment to promoting collaboration among similar projects, OptFor-EU dedicated a section of its newsletter to highlight updates from sister projects. It was with great appreciation that we saw ForestPaths' Policy Brief, issued earlier this year, featured in this section.

We thank OptFor-EU for their dedication to knowledge-sharing and cooperation among projects with shared objectives!