ForestPaths workshop explores climate-smart forestry practices in Finland

13 June 2024

A recent demo case workshop, led by Mikko Peltoniemi and a team from LUKE (ForestPaths partner), in collaboration with Metsäkeskus, brought together forest owners and experts to delve into the intricacies of climate-smart forestry practices. Held at the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto and with 32 participants, the workshop aimed to address evolving forestry expectations amidst climate change challenges. With presentations from Mikko Peltoniemi and Juha Honkaniemi from LUKE, participants gained insights into the potential threats posed by climate change on forestry and explored mitigation and adaptation options.

During the interactive session, questionnaires were distributed to understand forest owners' perspectives, followed by lively discussions indoors and during field visits to Punkaharju research park, covering topics like extended rotation periods for spruce and strategies to combat root-rot infections. Throughout, Mikko Peltoniemi and Juha Honkaniemi offered expert insights on carbon balance and forest damage. Post-field visits, participants were grouped to explore enablers and barriers for climate and biodiversity-smart forestry, highlighting the consensus on the necessity for sustainable practices and professional forest management advisory services.

                                                                      Image: Workshop participants at Punkaharju research park, Finland. 

The workshop also featured a video panel discussion among forest owners, showcasing insights from recent group discussions, hosted by Metsäkeskus expert Henna Höglund. Overall, participants praised the workshop for its utility and collaborative effort towards sustainable forestry practices, with contributions from various projects dedicated to forest experimentation and communication with forest owners.