Join ForestPaths: Open job position at the Teesside University, UK

30 January 2023

This vacancy has been closed.

Teesside University is looking for a research fellow to contribute to ForestPaths and potentially other ongoing research activities at the university, namely on the barriers and enablers for sustainable agriculture and on the interactions between land use and management, food production and climate change.

Among others, the position will include:

  • Analysis of the research gaps on key factors influencing forest practitioners’ decisions in Europe.

  • Assessment of the risks that climate change poses to the achievement of forest management objectives and to the provision of ecosystem goods and services.

  • Description and identification of forest management measures that can contribute to climate change mitigation, increase forests’ adaptation capacity and promote biodiversity, i.e. climate and biodiversity-smart forest management practices.

  • Assessment of the current implementation of climate and biodiversity-smart forest management practices across Europe and identification of barriers and opportunities for implementation.

  • Support the design of semi-structured interviews to forest managers in forest demonstration sites across Europe. 

  • Support the design of workshops with forest managers in forest demonstration sites across Europe.

  • Gather information on policies, institutions and financial and technical incentives supporting the implementation of climate and biodiversity-smart.

If these sound like the right fit for you, find out all about the position and apply here. The application closing date is 8 February 2023.