Recent studies shed light on the impacts of different silvicultural practices

16 October 2023

Recent studies, published in the Scientific Reports and Science of The Total Environment journals, offer valuable insights into the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in fertile and drained peatland forests according to different silvicultural practices in Finland. Among the studies’ authors are Aleksi Lehtonen and Mikko Peltoniemi (LUKE), who are also partners in ForestPaths.

Find out more about the studies from LUKE’s news item titled ‘Scenario: The transition to continuous cover forestry on fertile and drained peatland forests would produce climate benefits for Finland in comparison to even-aged forestry, even if the impact of selection harvesting on soil emission is low’. 

A clear cut in the foreground of the spruce study site and an unharvested control area behind. Photo: Mikko Peltoniemi.