Timber myths: ForestPaths’ coordinator Dr Hans Verkerk to discuss sustainably managed forests at a live event

1 June 2023

Wood-based construction methods are becoming more and more prevalent, resulting in an increased demand for sustainable wood. Currently, a significant portion of the wood is sourced from forests, which face escalating issues of drought, potential pests, and forest fires that jeopardise their integrity. 

To discuss how we can address the growing need for sustainable wood in light of these challenges, ForestPaths’ coordinator Dr Hans Verkerk (European Forest Institute) will speak at the event “Boom(ing) Business” on 8 June, 20 CET. The event will also feature the launch of the book “Timber Myths Dispelled” (Houtbouwmythes Ontmijn) developed by AMS Institute and TU Delft.

Register here to attend physically at Pakhuis de Zwijger (Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam) or watch a recording later on via this YouTube channel.