Co-designing holistic forest-based policy pathways for climate change mitigation

August 2023
Pan-European forest disturbance maps

D2.1 Next generation European forest disturbance map

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August 2023
Policy and stakeholder requirements

D6.2 Synthesis of policy and stakeholder requirements at EU level relevant for the forestry sector

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September 2023
Forest management approaches

D1.1 Forest management approaches across Europe

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28 - 29 September 2023 Finland
First Policy Lab

The goal is to identify policy objectives and stakeholder needs

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February 2024
Policy instruments

D1.2 Key factors influencing forest practitioners’ decisions

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August 2024
CBS management options

D1.3 Decision rules, parameters and narratives for modelling

August 2024
Pan-European forest composition and structure maps

D2.2 European forest composition and structure maps

August 2024
Drivers of forest disturbances

D2.3 Drivers of forest disturbances in Europe

August 2024
Map data products

D2.5 Map data products

August 2024
Material flow analysis

D4.1 Material flow analysis results

August 2024
Life cycle analysis

D4.2 Report on the improved methods and tools

September 2024
Second Policy Lab

The goal is to elicit visions of European forests and the forest-based sector and policy actions to achieve them

November 2024
Forest ecosystem models

D3.1 Enhanced and evaluated forest ecosystem models

November 2024
Forest biodiversity model

D3.3 Biodiversity and ecosystem services model

February 2025
High conservation value forests in Europe

D2.4 High conservation value forests in Europe

February 2025
Model of European forest owners

D3.2 Fully calibrated agent-based model of European forest owners

February 2025
Global impacts model

D3.4 Recommendations for considering implications of forest management in IAMs/ESMs

August 2025
ForestPaths database

D4.3 Database with the substitution and biodiversity factors

September 2025
Third Policy Lab

The goal is to critically examine initial pathways results

November 2025
Policy narratives

D6.3 Narrative analysis of main policy pathways

February 2026
Pathways scenarios

D5.1 Simulation framework and database structure

June 2026
Simulation results

D5.2 Land use & management, climate mitigation potential and policy actions for European forests

June 2026
Mitigation potential of forest-based products

D5.3 Overall mitigation potential of forest-based products and energy in the bioeconomy

June 2026
Effective forest management options

D5.4 Effective forest management options securing biodiversity and ecosystem provisions in Europe and globally

August 2026
Biogenic carbon

D4.4 New impact assessment method for biogenic carbon and biodiversity in LCA

September 2026
Fourth Policy Lab

The goal is to provide policy recommendations derived from the pathway analysis and evaluation

October 2026
Policy pathways

D5.5 Policy pathways, trade-offs/co-benefits

October 2026
CANOPY platform

Official launch of the platform

December 2026
Policy recommendations

D6.4 Synthesis of policy pathways results and policy recommendations

January 2027
Policy engagement

D6.1 Policy Engagement Forum’s activities

February 2027
ForestPaths Final conference

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