Data sharing tools adopted by the European Biodiversity Observation Network Project

Authors: Smirnova L., Mergen P., Groom Q., De Wever A., Penev L., Stoev P., Pe’er I., Runnel V., Camacho A., Vincent T., Agosti D., Arvanitidis C., Bonet F., Saarenmaa H.

Status: Published
Year: 2016
Volume/Issue: 2
Publisher: Research Ideas and Outcomes
Pages: e9390

Journal paper

Sustainability of forest bioenergy in Europe: land-userelated carbon dioxide emissions of forest harvest residues

Authors: Repo A., Böttcher H., Kindermann G., Liski J.

Status: Published
Year: 2015
Journal: GCB Bioenergy
Volume/Issue: 7
Pages: 877-887

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Improved access to integrated biodiversity data for science, practice, and policy - the European Biodiversity Observation Network (EU BON)

Authors: Hoffmann A., Penner J., Vohland K., Cramer W., Doubleday R., Henle K., Kõljalg U., Kühn I., Kunin W., Negro J., Penev L., Rodríguez C., Saarenmaa H., Schmeller D., Stoev P., Sutherland W., Ó Tuama É., Wetzel F., Häuser C.

Status: Published
Year: 2014
Journal: Nature Conservation
Volume/Issue: 6
Pages: 49–65

Journal paper

Implications of incorporating N cycling and N limitations on primary production in an individual-based dynamic vegetation model

Authors: Smith B., Wårlind D., Arneth A., Hickler T., Leadley P., Siltberg J., Zaehle S.

Status: Published
Year: 2014
Journal: Biogeosciences
Volume/Issue: 11
Pages: 2027–2054

Journal paper

Combining qualitative and quantitative understanding for exploring cross-sectoral climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability in Europe

Authors: Harrison P.A., Holman I.P., Cojocaru G., et al.

Status: Published
Year: 2012
Journal: Regional Environmental Change
Volume/Issue: 13
Pages: 761-780

Journal paper

From taxonomic literature to cybertaxonomic content

Authors: Miller J., Dikow T., Agosti D., et al.

Status: Published
Year: 2012
Journal: BMC Biology
Volume/Issue: 10
Pages: 87

Journal paper

The data paper: a mechanism to incentivize data publishing in biodiversity science

Authors: Chavan V., Penev L.

Status: Published
Year: 2011
Journal: BMC Bioinformatics
Volume/Issue: 12
Pages: 2-12

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Journal paper

Production and detection of cold antihydrogen atoms

Authors: Amoretti M., Amsler C., Bonomi G., et al.

Status: Published
Year: 2002
Journal: Nature
Volume/Issue: 419
Pages: 456–459