Demo case workshops highlight Climate and Biodiversity-Smart solutions across Europe

28 June 2024

A series of ForestPaths demo case workshops across Europe has highlighted diverse strategies for Climate and Biodiversity-Smart (CBS) forestry. These workshops underscored the collective effort to address climate change impacts while promoting sustainable forest management.

In Italy, partners CMCC, TEES, and EFI collaborated with local authorities to engage 23 participants in discussing mitigation strategies for Sardinia's Quercus forests. Emphasis was placed on fire risk reduction, pest control and biodiversity conservation, with participants calling for better education, incentives and legislative reforms.

To the north, in Finland, a workshop led by Mikko Peltoniemi and LUKE at the Forest Museum Lusto and Punkaharju research park involved 32 participants. Key topics included root-rot infections and extended rotation periods for spruce. Expert insights on carbon balance and forest damage highlighted the need for professional advisory services and sustainable practices.

Meanwhile, in Romania, a workshop co-organised by TEES, UTBV and EFI with the Horizon project SDGs-EYES explored Climate and Biodiversity-Smart (CBS) forest management. Held at the Transilvania University of Brasov, the event involved landowners and forest managers. Field simulations and discussions revealed the need for modifying species composition and financial incentives, highlighting flexible legislation as crucial for overcoming barriers.

Finally, in the Netherlands, Wageningen University and Research (WUR) held a workshop during the Royal Dutch Forestry Association meeting, focusing on mitigation, adaptation, and biodiversity. Led by Hinke Wiersma and Dr Ir Mart-Jan Schelhaas, the session addressed the complexities of integrating these objectives, fostering innovative ideas despite challenges.

These workshops demonstrate the importance of stakeholder engagement in developing resilient forest management strategies, making each biogeographic region a prime illustration for Climate and Biodiversity-smart forestry - an over encompassing approach of ForestPaths. 

Compilation of demo case workshop images taken at the four biogeographical locations: Italy, Finland, Romania and the Netherlands.