ForestPaths Features: the informational series showcasing ForestPaths’ insights and results!

4 July 2023

The new informational series ForestPaths Features is a stream of result-oriented materials produced within the scope of ForestPaths, which puts the spotlight on the project’s insights and results in easy-to-understand and concise formats to increase awareness and accessibility to stakeholder groups, including policymakers, research communities and forest practitioners. 

By clarifying critical insights into clear and digestible formats, ForestPaths Features seeks to enable individuals to engage with and contribute to discussions surrounding forest management and climate resilience. Ultimately, this series serves as a platform to foster greater understanding, awareness, and action towards sustainable forest management practices and climate resilience.

You can expect the Features to include topics regarding next-generation assessment framework and the role of models in achieving climate and biodiversity targets within the forest and forest-based sectors, forest-based mitigation activities and their contributions to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, policy mapping, and more!