ForestPaths' timeline: Tracing the way towards holistic forest-based policy pathways for climate change mitigation

1 August 2023

As ForestPaths’ first-year anniversary approaches, the project takes the opportunity to present a visual timeline, showcasing 31 pivotal waypoints that will mark its development. From the creation of advanced forest maps and models to fostering policy instruments and events, the timeline provides insights into ForestPaths' journey towards co-designing holistic forest-based policy pathways for climate change mitigation.

Among the first upcoming milestones are ForestPaths’ next generation European forest disturbance map, a synthesis of policy and stakeholder requirements at the EU level relevant for the forestry sector and an overview of the forest management approaches across Europe. Additionally, ForestPaths is gearing up to host its first Policy lab this September, bringing together key stakeholders to identify policy objectives and needs.

Explore the complete timeline on ForestPaths' website homepage or through the project’s introductory presentation.